Old Glory: You need to stop here.

The thought that goes into each product is very creative. Each has it’s distinct subtleties in flavor and aroma. The Bourbon Whiskey was just 14 months old when I tasted it. Good but with an excellent future. I liked them all with a special fancy for the gin. I love Bombay Sapphire. The juniper berries almost hit you on the head they are so potent. Here, the Pinup Gin moved into my sacred number one spot, edging out my old Bombay…make that booting out my old Bombay. The flavors of citrus and juniper blend into something very unique. Don’t like gin you say? You haven’t tried Pinup. I give it a 10! And Miss Casey, the server on the left, served it all her way. A super job!

-- Old Glory: You need to stop here.

Jim M.